The Role That Video Will Play for Businesses in The Near Future

It should be no surprise that video is a welcomed form of media today. It also shouldn’t surprise you that video hasn’t hit its high point yet and it steadily increasing in popularity. In a recent study done by Cisco, it was predicted that by 2019 video will account for 80 percent of global internet traffic. This rising trend is no different in the marketing world. While utilizing video is already a popular tactic, the number of businesses who will use and encourage video-based-marketing are predicted to drastically increase. So, besides booming numbers, what else does the future of video for businesses hold?

One thing that you may have already noticed happening is the push for more video on social media. You’ve probably noticed that your Facebook wall is mostly viral videos and your Instagram is shifting away from still shots, but what about the even newer Facebook Live and Instagram Stories? Video is where social media is heading. Facebook has reported that More than 50 percent of people who visit Facebook in the U.S. every day watch at least one video. With this increased exposure of video to everyday people, business are going to have an even easier time getting their name out if they jump onto the video marketing trend.

The amount of businesses that use video on landing pages, in emails, or as explainer videos is rising. People who view these videos gain a greater sense of the company as a whole and their values, and therefore are more likely to purchase from them. This means that businesses who haven’t taken hold of the trend are left in the dust. Consumers are less likely to trust them, and therefore less likely to buy their product or service.

With the dramatic increase of video playing an important role for businesses, many are making an effort to get ahead of the trend and set a precedent for video marketing of the future. Incorporating the use of video production company into your business plan now puts you a step ahead of your competitors who will wait for the market to become saturated in the coming years.

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