Statistics On How Companies Benefit from Using Video Marketing Tools

Companies greatly benefit from the use of video marketing. There’s no better way to convince you than to just show you the facts. We’ve collected a few short studies that show just how much businesses are benefitting from video Video Consumption Is On the Rise Every source agrees that video consumption for consumers is on […]

Five Reasons Your Website Should Use Video Marketing Tools

1. Build Trust with Customers It’s no surprise in the modern world that people respond positively to video interaction. Businesses that use video marketing have greater consumer-supplier trust as a result of using videos. Being able to visually see a product, or the advantages of a service, puts the customer’s mind at ease. According to […]

Four Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Business

1. As an Introduction or an Email Signature Ever hear that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, videos are worth even more. Videos instantly grab users’ attentions in a way that lengthy introductory pages or old school email marketing simply cannot. Insivia found that an email which includes a video had a click-through […]